Reginald “Bruh Man” Ballard: “Cancer does not discriminate”

I am Reginald Ballard, some of you may know me as a character actor and comedian from Galveston, Texas, who is probably best known as “Bruh-man from the fifth flo”. I have been truly blessed to be living my dream. But, that is not all of who I am. You see, CANCER has taken the life of my only sibling at the young age of 38. Therefore, I am very passionate about bringing awareness to the devastation of this evil disease called CANCER.

CANCER does not discriminate, nor does it care how old or young its victim is. CANCER can cause havoc on families. We all know someone who has been affected by this crippling and deadly disease. So, it is my goal, along with, the Crusaders for Colon Cancer, Inc. to help others to bring attention to this uncaring plague that destroys dreams.

Get checked and live healthy. Get screened for colon, breast, and/or prostate cancer EARLY,
especially if you are at risk. If CANCER runs in your family, please, please get screened…not only for you, but for my sister, Annette Ballard, who lost her life to CANCER. I love you Annette and will never forget you. You are in my heart forever!!!!!

With Love,